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We often hear from people, "I love your homes, but I can't afford one." 

This statement is a compliment although not true. Before we were builders, we worked in the lumber yard, and that knowledge and experience leads to knowing when and how to buy products and materials at the right time and places. Additionally, we have our own framing crews. Need help getting a builders loan? We have options to help.

Whether you choose to build a custom or buy one of our beautiful spec homes, you will have that upgraded Custom quality and beauty to be proud of. When choosing a builder we recommend meeting with at least a few. Make sure they have product knowledge and your personalities work well together. Building a home is a journey that takes several months, and keeping a great working relationship is important. We have many wonderful builders here in the Ozarks. We do love that we are considered one of the best!

We would love to set down with you and help you get your plans rolling on your dream home journey.

Please reach us M-F 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM 

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